How to buy the Best Cat litter boxes | buying guide

This Article is a Detailed guide on how to buy Best cat litter boxes. Its a unique guide which gives you insight on the things you need to look before you buy best cater litter boxes. Once you are done, make sure to check out the best cat litter boxes.

Cats are one of the most fastidious creatures on this planet who need accuracy and detailing yet they are very attentive to. Cats want to stay neat, clean and tidy even while using toilet. No matter how mature or new born cat is, cats are relying on you in terms of how much you care about her littering.
Being a cat owner, you must have notices that if your cat doesn’t feel good to use the designated litter box, she will go elsewhere and because of this each and every single person around you will suffer.

So how to ensure the satisfaction of your cat in regards to the litter box? Here are some reviews and ideas regarding cat litter boxes based on different researches and interviews of cat owners, pet behavior consultants and veterinary doctors.

Following can turn out as an excellent buying guide

How to buy the Best Cat litter boxes/ Litter box Buying guide:

Whether you have an existing pet or you are expecting a new pet coming to your home. There are lots of things to finish before it’s arrival like pet food, toys and litter box.

The first thing comes in your mind is to approach the nearest pet shop to get all the necessary items. But you don’t have enough time to spare for driving, searching, so on and so forth.  No matter you are expert pet owners or a novice, this is a time taking activity. 

How to buy Best Cat litter boxes

One of the best parts of being a cat owner is that cats do not spread much mess and require less cleaning as compared to some other pets. But still one place/thing requires frequent cleanliness and that is the litter box for the cat.

If you don’t maintain the cleanliness of cat’s litter box then definitely it will choose some other unwanted areas to go.

This will increase your difficulty and mess up your living area. Not only you should maintain your cat’s litter box but also you should have enough number of litter boxes based on the size and floors.

Choosing a right litter box is very important in terms of type, size and number. As it is very difficult to spare enough time so you can have a huge range and variety at online marketplaces like

Checklist on how Choose a Cat litter box?:

  • Type of a litter box
  • Size of a litter box
  • Number of litter boxes
  • Placement of litter boxes
You may have your own criterion as well, but this is what we feel are the most important and universal aspects you should keep in mind while buying.

Let’s have a look in detail:

Types of Litter Boxes:

There is a wide range available for the pet owners when it comes to buying a litter box. There are multiple types, sizes and colors available. Here are some basic types:

Type of Litter BoxDescription
Oval Hooded Litter BoxHigh sides with nonstick interior that is active against microbes
Disposable Litter BoxMade up of recycled and decomposable papers. No fear shredding or leakage
Self-Cleaning Litter BoxA non-electrical mechanism which is made up of frivolous materials that have extra control on bad odor
Hidden Litter BoxSophisticated, functional and spectacular design
Top Entry Litter BoxEasy access for cat and for you as well for cleaning purposes
How to buy Best Cat litter boxes

Open Top Litter Box:

This is a typical yet old-fashioned litter box for cats and quite easy for the cats to use and for owners to clean.

This kind of Open Top Cat Litter Box, you might find high sides as well as low sides boxes.

  1. High Sides: Advantage of this litter box is that filth and debris will stay covered inside and will not fall out. But this kind of litter box is not recommended for very huge cats or very small kittens as this will not allow them to route properly inside.
  2. Low Sides: easy for the cats to access and get the job done but difficult for the owner as litter will definitely fall off.

You have to choose according to your and you cat’s convenience.

Covered Litter Box:

Not only humans like privacy, same goes for cats as well. This kind of litter box is covered with a lid. This not just provides privacy to your cat, but also controls odor and falling of litter bits.

Self-Cleaning Box:

This kind of litter box includes an electric mechanism for cleaning purposes. This is a perfect fit for those pet owners who don’t have enough time for cleaning the litter box or they are not good at this. An electric sensor gets the job done and provides you a luxury.

But luxury is not just a button away, you have to make sure that you are using the mechanism properly otherwise it can result poor cleaning, mechanical malfunctioning or electric current.

Self-cleaning litter boxes are quite expensive. Some cats dislike this litter box because of the motor noise. Tip: if your cat finds problem because of the noise, just simply stop using the motor and clean it manually and let the cat use it as traditional box. Once your cat gets used to the box, you can start operating the automated motor.

Hidden Litter Box:

Unlike the covered litter box, this looks like a normal furniture item but there is a secret litter box deep inside. This is suitable for those people who don’t want their pet’s litter box visible.

Size of Litter Boxes:

Choosing the right size of the litter box is also important for your cat and for you as well. You should take care of the size of your cat and availability of place at your home.

A common rule of thumb while selecting the litter box is the length of the box should be 1.5x of cat’s length and width of the box should be equal to the cat’s length. This arranges enough room for the can to maneuver and burry the wastes.

Size of Litter BoxDescription
SmallParticularly for kittens who can easily climb the short sides
MediumA moderate sized box that suits most cats
Large cat litter boxFor adult cats or some big sized breeds of cats
Extra Large cat litter boxFeasible for extra heavy breeds also good for multiple cats

Number of Litter Boxes:

In a multi cat household, use more than one litter boxes. Don’t place all at one place to avoid disturbance within the cats.

Mostly house cats do not prefer to choose a litter box which is already used by another cat. While purchasing a litter box for your cat, buy one litter box per cat plus an extra.

This provides option to the cat to choose amongst the boxes and also the cat will not mess any unwanted place of you home. Also all floors of your home should have a litter box.

Placement of Litter Boxes:

While placing the litter box, keep a few elements in consideration like: like humans, cats also need privacy so don’t place it in a common passage where traffic is high.

Expert Tip!
It is never recommended to place the box at a common passage where there is a lot of foot traffic passing. This can make your cat shy or uncomfortable, she might go elsewhere. Use  a place where smell can easily ventilate.

Don’t keep all the boxes you have at one place. If this is not the case, your cats might refuse to use the designated litter box and go elsewhere. Place at a place where smell can easily ventilate.

Ease of access:

Use a place which is easy for the cat to access. If it is difficult for the cat to access, she might go elsewhere.

Which things to keep away from the litter box:

Place litter boxes away from food bowls. Some cats are very delicate to smells and odors. As cats are a fastidious creatures, so they don’t want bad smell in their food.

Things to remember while cleaning:

Cleaning a cat litter box is also one of the most important things:

Remember that if you don’t clean properly, you cat will find another place to litter.

These are the most important things we think you need to keep in mind while buying a cat litter box

We hope you get the best litter box which gives you and your pet the best of times.

How often to change the cat litter box?

The answer to this question has the following factors to keep in mind:

  1. Plastic quality, If you feel plastic quality is deteriorating its time to change it.
  2. Odor control, If your plastic is absorbing a lot of odor than its time to change.
  3. Crack, if your litter box has any crack than immediately change it.

How to keep cat litter box from smelling?

This can be controlled by two ways, one is to buy odor control litter which keeps the odor controlled. Second is to buy an FDA and PFA approved litter box which ensures the plastic used in the litter box is good quality.

or there is another way of doing it, which buying an odor control covered litter box. there are many like, catit, Ven ness. they use carbon filters which absorb the smell.

How deep cat litter box to be?

The standard depth of the litter box to be from 5 inches to 8 inches which will serve the purpose of saving the litter from being scattered. For senior cats you should buy a litter box lower than this because they feel it difficult to climb again and again.

Why cat defecating outside litter box?

There might be two reasons.

  1. Is simpler that if your cat does not like the litter box, there is a huge probablity for the cat not to use the litter box, this normally happens with a new litter box you buy as the cats see it difficult to change or adapt. you should read my guide on how to change the litter box.
  2. If your cat has urinary infections or pain, your cat can leave urinating in the box because it can relate the pain with the box.

Why cat sleep in litter box?

There might be many reasons but The primary reason that grown-up cats sleep in the litter box is kidney disease. This can be the result of an urinary infection, or crystal development in the pee that avoids the feline from peeing correctly, or due to a sort of digestive tract discomfort, that makes the cat really feel insecure when he is much from his can.

Why cat misses litter box?

Among one of the most discouraging things, nevertheless, is our feline pals’ occasional propensity to pee outside the tray or box. When our cats, whose restroom behaviors are generally rather fastidious, start discovering brand-new places to make use of as a litter box, it can create an unpleasant mess as well as leave the entire house reeking. Which normally happens when the litter box is difficult to access. And also making matters worse is the idea that when a feline begins peeing in a outside, on a living-room sofa, or on a piece of its owner’s garments, it will possibly remain to do so for a very long time.

Peing outside the litter box can be because of a range of problems, some even more severe than others. If you observe that your pet cat is doing it, it is important that you attend to the situation right away– both for your cat’s health and wellness and also the honesty of your carpets and furniture!

Its better to see the doctor instead of googling but just mentioning a few casues

Bladder stones

Crystals in the urine

Idiopathic cystitis

Kidney stones

Which cat litter box is best?

This website is all about that, you can go to the home page and see everything about what litter boxes are good in what sense and what category.